What is Sakura branch massage

Erotic massage allows you to expand your understanding of sensory experience. Experienced virgins know many techniques. For example, penis massage includes caressing the penis, scrotum, and thighs. The masseuse moves from gradual warming up to intense exposure. Thanks to this, you can get a memorable orgasm.

Features of different techniques

The purpose of erotic massage is not only relaxation. A woman does everything so that a man gets an orgasm. However, this is not enough stimulation of the penis. It is better to focus on sensual techniques.

Thus, the massage of a sakura branch consists of alternating cold and heat. The masseuse first alternates between puffs and light wet kisses. Then he moves on to other influences. Thanks to this, the excitement grows and ends with a bright relaxation.

The sakura branch technique came from Japan. It was used by geisha to satisfy the master. Direct sexual contact was discouraged. Therefore, geishas found a way out and began to use erotic massage.

Unlike other techniques, the sakura branch does not involve caressing the penis. The basis is kissing. Surprisingly, experienced geisha were able to bring to orgasm without stimulation of the genitals. Ice cubes can be used to enhance contrast.

There is another feature. Geishas believed that only women could make sakura branches. In the process, there is an exchange of energies – it is positive for each side.

How is the session going?

Erotic massage begins with a shower. This is optional, but desirable. Water washes away dirt, relaxes, clears the mind. Then the man’s body is rubbed with cognac or rosemary extract (less often orange). Then the masseuse licks the liquid by touching the skin of the man with the tip of the tongue. She alternates it with kissing and touching ice cubes.

Sometimes a woman adds biting . Soft gripping of the skin with teeth causes an unforgettable sensation. Another masseuse can blow on the areas.

The sequence of transitions is important. Usually a woman starts at the neck and goes down to the shoulders, back, buttocks. Or it acts from below and rises through the body. Be sure to caress the stomach and chest. At the end, the man gets an orgasm and rests in the company of a girl. It is possible to conduct a massage in Kyiv with departure. In this case, the home environment helps to relax. A great option for unloading after a hard day’s work.


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