Elite erotic massage

What is a VIP massage in the salon?

When choosing a massage program, it is easy to get confused. They differ in the list of services, additional features, duration. The cost also varies. For elite clients erotic massage is presented by the VIP program. It differs from the base version. The main feature is the expansion of the boundaries of the permissible.

What are the possibilities of the program?

The concept of VIP means access to something exceptional, an inaccessible majority. The massage industry is no exception. Lots of variations. These are massages in four or six hands, fetishes, a special atmosphere. A man can touch the masseuse, including the zone hidden by panties.

Additionally, the VIP program includes a joint visit to the sauna or hanami. Sometimes the girl accompanies the client in the shower. She will first lather her body, then she will begin to cleanse the man. The contact of clean areas will give new sensations. After a warm shower, you can go to the main program.

For special visitors, a professional will prepare a show. She dresses in an erotic costume. At the request of the guest, the girl will become a nurse, an imperious mistress or an elegant stewardess. There are no restrictions. The specialist will fulfill any desire.

Some men like to see mistress. Everything is possible within the walls of the bedroom. You just need to voice your dream. For example, a girl can spank a naughty rascal, and then caress the penis with special feathers, forcing her to beg for relaxation.

Others like a submissive companion. Which is able to obey any command. Including the performance of certain actions. So, a girl can massage her prostate, caress her partner or dance.

Who will suit?

Elite massage _ carried out in the salon. Experienced ladies are ready to fulfill any whim. For the convenience of customers, a reservation system is provided. Each specialist has a page on the site. It is easy to see the external data of the employee before the start of the session.

VIP massage in Kyiv will be remembered for a long time. It will suit imposing, wealthy men, as well as young men who are just getting to know the intimate sphere. You can make a gift to a friend or someone who is getting married.

If there is fatigue in the body, then a round-the-clock massage will relieve it. You just need to book a session. Several different professionals work in the salon every day.

In the case of the VIP program, the client can ask for anything. For example, a girl will apply whipped cream on his body, and then lick it off with her tongue. Or swept wet groin on the stomach and lower back of a man. There are no restrictions.

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