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When it comes to erotic toys, foreplay or sex, external factors do not matter at all, like weather, time of day, socio-economic status – everything goes by the wayside. However, there must be a scene to create an objective environment for foreplay and sex. The beginning of sex is an important component on which the quality of the operation largely depends, so it is important to take into account many factors in order to get the most vivid impressions:

  • comfort;
  • romantic setting.

Candles, furniture, decorative elements – the author’s design of the room helps to relax without worrying about the creaking of the bed or the lack of hot water in the bathroom.

Erotic massage can also be considered as a prelude to sex . It will help to build relationships with a partner and distract from unnecessary thoughts. Body massage in Kyiv private ads will help you find the best salon.

Erotic massage as a start is the best tool to achieve pleasure.

Erotic massage is a prelude to sex

When we talked about rest above, it was worth noting that during sex it is also necessary to satisfy your fantasies. If an ordinary sofa or bed is well suited for erotic massage, then for sex, a lot of imagination is required.

Having prepared the necessary qualifications, or spending a little more time on a body massage session for men, as a prelude to the salon, you can compensate for this fullness of emotions that was not caused before.

Common poses of the Kamasutra:

Village. The pose involves spreading the hips to the sides, while the girl lies on her back, her legs are bent at the knees. The man at the top of the bed uses his arms as the main support. Their legs are fully extended or slightly compressed.

Stream game. Lying on your back, bend your knees and push your hips. She takes it, making it with her hips, and pulls it towards her, settling between her legs.

Eastern view. The pose includes a seated man with knees clenched and hips bent at the knees. The partner also makes himself comfortable, standing facing him here. She hugs her ass with her legs and arms wrapping around her neck. He leads the process while the man makes love to his back, chest and neck.

Frog. The main difference is in the position of the young lady, where the main points for the pose “East View” She should sit on his knees, on his heels, on his partner’s back … turn around in this way.

Visit a session in a massage parlor in Kyiv, prices depend on time and technique. The erotic massage parlor offers you several massage sessions for couples to increase sexual arousal, as well as cheap blowjobs in Kyiv.

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