Body Massage Light program

Classical massage involves the performance of hand movements. The masseuse separates the man’s body with her hands. She can stroke, pat, squeeze certain areas. There is an alternative option – body massage. Unlike the classical one, manipulations are performed not only with hands. The masseuse acts on the body with her chest, shoulders, and stomach. This enhances the sensation of physical intimacy.

How is the session going?

Before starting the massage, a man should take a shower. Warm water relaxes and washes away worries. Helps to switch and distract from everyday affairs.

After the masseuse begins to do body massage for men. The masseuse begins work with relaxing movements. She kneads every part of the body. Massage oils are used for this. They make it easier to glide and improve the feeling of intimacy. Sometimes aromatic oil is added – it helps to relax.

After the masseuse moves on to body massage for men. To do this, she touches the body with her chest and begins to provoke. Feeling the proximity of the nipples will cause goosebumps. Then the girl begins to touch the buttocks, hips, tummy. Maximum contact.

Body massage helps not only to relax, but also to have fun. The touch of delicate skin improves perception. The spectrum of received emotions is expanding. Thanks to physical intimacy, it is easy to get an orgasm without the use of hands.

Body massage techniques

You can get a body massage session in Kyiv in a specialized salon. Experienced girls are fluent in techniques. There are several of them:

  1. Letter T. The woman lowers her breasts onto her partner’s lower back, then rolls it up and down. If a complicated option: sliding in the groin. In this case, the girl sits on top and gently touches all parts of the body.
  2. Track of desires. The girl starts from the top (shoulders) and goes down. Alternately touching the man’s face, chest, stomach. In rare cases, the masseuse uses a secret technique: she squeezes her penis with her chest and imitates movements.
  3. Butterfly touches. The girl descends and fleetingly runs her nipples over the man’s stomach.

These are not the only techniques. There are others. Each man has his own blend.

Does the atmosphere matter?

Body massage with relaxation requires special preparation. A man should not be distracted by anything. You need to turn off the phone, change clothes and relax. You can do breathing exercises – it relieves stress.

In the salon, sessions are held in isolated rooms. The door closes. Therefore, you can not be afraid that someone will interrupt the session. The room includes only small sconces and lamps. The twilight helps to tune in. Additionally, aroma sticks are used.

Body massage will appeal to those who want to try something new. Can be done with four hands. There is an option for a couple. Come to the salon and dive into the abyss of pleasure.

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