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Erotic massage in 4 hands for men

Most people, having heard about erotic massage, picture sexual services in their imagination. In fact, one has nothing to do with the other.

Erotic massage in 4 hands is a type of relaxation therapy that does not involve intimacy. With the help of special massage techniques, masters of erotic massage help the client to relax as much as possible and enjoy the programs offered.

Features of erotic massage

Like other types of massage, intimate massage has a positive effect on muscles, skin and internal organs, improves blood circulation and awakens the flow of vital energy.

For massage in 4 hands Kyiv, a very important element is the creation of a favorable atmosphere:

  • warm room;
  • relaxing music;
  • muffled light;
  • aroma lamp or candles;
  • massage oil.

Intimate massage for a man brings not only benefits and pleasure, but also contributes to the development of sexual potential. Although the clients of this type of massage are mostly men, it is also suitable for women.

The main goal of erotic massage is not so much pleasure as complete relaxation of the client with the help of gentle touches, alternating with strokes.

The intensity of massage movements gradually increases: it all starts with circular gentle touches, then the massage therapist moves on to warming movements (increased rubbing), later – to energetic movements, such as pinching, kneading.

In erotic massage, movements similar to the classical ones are used, adding a variety of techniques. For example, vibrations, fingertip massage, hot breath massage.

A special technique of erotic massage is massage with your own body. This is a truly unique art that performers possess. During the session, additional items are often used: feathers, fur, delicate silk, ice, etc.

In the performance of erotic massage, an important component is the conversation. You should discuss your feelings and wishes so that the theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the massage therapist can create the most effective result.

Relaxing erotic massage has a positive effect on the work of the nervous system, helps to calm down and neutralizes traces of stress. This is, of course, the most pleasant “medicine”, the action of which plunges you into a blissful state and fills the body with strong vital energy.

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