Vip Massage program

In search of new sensations, men tend to try a lot. For example, erotic massage. Do not confuse it with ordinary intimacy. Charming girls will make the session unforgettable with just a touch of their hands and body. There is a VIP massage – a premium program for those who want more.

What is included in the VIP massage?

The main difference from the usual session of erotic massage is the setting. Everything takes place in a spacious bedroom, finished with premium materials. Canopies, solid wood furniture, elegant floor lamps instead of overhead light – this is an incomplete list of features of the VIP room. No uncomfortable couches, just a double bed with a soft bedspread and a comfortable mattress.

VIP massage in Kyiv is popular among men of all ages and statuses. This is an opportunity to feel successful and worthy of attention and recognition. It is easy to relax in the company of a masseuse. For connoisseurs of female attention, there is a unique offer: two, three girls at the same time. One has only to imagine the erotic caresses with six hands, as the heart shrinks in anticipation.

VIP relies on status people. Therefore, the program has unlimited possibilities. Take a shower before the massage. Warm water helps to relax, distract from problems. The masseuses will keep you company. They will lather the man’s body with gel, wash off the foam, or simply stand by. Specialists will be in the same underwear.

A feature of massage in Kyiv is a variety of techniques. Girls can start with classic movements: rubbing, vibrating, pinching. Or move on to serious action. For example, take ice cubes and start driving them over sensitive areas.

Special Features

The VIP program is suitable for fans of role-playing games. A masseuse can become a mistress. She will imperiously lead men along the winding road of pleasure. Supplement use whips, crackers, whips. This can be a new experience.

Other options are teachers, a doctor, a maid. There are no restrictions for the VIP program. It is possible to fulfill any fantasy. The main thing is to decide on them.

VIP massage techniques are aimed at obtaining a new sensory experience. For example, feathers, pieces of fruit, leather whips can be used. It’s worth trying every option.

VIP massage in Kyiv will appeal to those who want to immerse themselves in the world of special pleasures. With the program, you can forget about restrictions. Any fantasy will be fulfilled.

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