Урологический массаж простаты в Киеве

Urological prostate massage in Kiev

Most men react negatively to the word prostate because they only hear about it when the doctor tells them that they need to be examined… which is performed rectally. On the other hand, more and more men are discovering that the prostate does not necessarily have to be a source of anxiety, but can be a source of great pleasure. In fact, it is often referred to as the male G-SPOT.

How does the session work

Prostate massage is not for everyone, but, basically, prostate massage is when girls press the prostate with their fingers or a massager. This form of massage leads to a powerful orgasm, which can lead to jaw trism and dependence on vegemite. Prostate massage is probably more common than you think, and a lot of erotic masseuses use it as a technique to get guys to shoot huge portions.

Details about prostate massage

The girl usually excites the client with her massage movements until he gets an erection. Then she will apply lubricant to his anus so that a finger, a small massager or a chair leg (kidding, guys) smoothly slides inside. Then the masseuse teases and presses on the prostate, which causes a strong feeling of pleasure (it also seems that sometimes you need to make a huge reset — don’t do it, for God’s sake!), which slowly builds up. Sometimes an orgasm from a prostate massage will rush over you, and you will find that your hips are shaking like crazy when you shout “To infinity and beyond!”.

As soon as the masseuse feels that you are approaching orgasm, she will intensively and steadily continue to do urological massage for men Kyiv, which means that she exerts pressure and your body will be washed by intense waves of pleasure.

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